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February 19-21, 2012 - Beach Cleanup and Turtle Release

The biggest Beach Cleanup on February 19, 2012 before the Turtle Release Day

Yet another historical event in our common mission to protect and ressurrect the declining number of  sea turtles. These amazing animals are exposed to alot of danger in their daily lives, not only in the sea but also out of sea. The presence of marine debris, coupled with its physical man-made objects that enter the sea pose a great danger to sea turtles because if they consume it they get injured or die, as a result, good cleaning and disposal of litter in an environmentally friendly way is crucial. On this day February 19, 2012 was characterised with beach cleaning.

the best release picture 2

Turtle Tagging and Release on February 20, 2012

Tagging sea turtles was the best I ever saw, the wonderful animals remained calm even though the process looked painfull as the metal tag went through their flipper.

The event of releasing sea turtles was witnessed by Government officials, staff from Institute of Marine Science of the University of Dar es Salaam, staff from the NGO Sea Sense, tourists from different parts of the world, local community and many others. It was so good to see sea turtles that were in great danger some months back being released back to the sea after being nurtured back to health. I saw people shed tears of joy as they watched how the turtles swam back to the sea, with their flippers moving in the same direction as if they were singing the same song of happiness, I love and will always remember this day. My sincere gratitude goes to all those people that protect and conserve these wonderful animals, I salute you because you are HEROES!!!

written by Ferrdossehr Zebdanerh (24, United Kingdom)

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