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October 16, 2012 - Lucas Ende from Germany

written by Lucas Ende from Germany

October – spring or fall?

Hello again, friends and followers,

Here some updates to what has happened during the last few weeks. Just a day after I wrote my first blog entry for this website new guests arrived at our station. Only this time they were neither engaged volunteers nor injured sea turtles. Locals from Nungwi left four little kittens at Mnarani Station during the night. Probably because they know we take good care of animals here. When they arrived, they seemed quite weak but after a couple of days well fed with milk, rice and fish, they now ramble all over this place.

As for our turtle friends: I indicated that Hookie (the one that swallowed a hook) did start eating again. It continued to do fine, so we decided to put her/him into the big lagoon with the other big green turtles. It is possible that the hook did erode due to constant salt-water exposure. Other good news comes from the shore off Tumbatu Island. Our friends from Scuba Do spotted Captain Jack Sparrow at one of their recent dives again. This can be seen as prove that we released her/him in a well-suited spot where there is enough food and space to dodge other green turtles. In our aquarium we were able to find the leaking spot within the smallest of our three tanks and fix it. This means the three Hawksbill juveniles are finally able to move out of their small bowls back into the tank where there is more space to swim. Meanwhile Mare, our temporary volunteer from South Africa, named the Loggerhead that arrived a couple of weeks ago. He/she will now be called Cracker. Quite fitting for a member of a species that primarily feed on crabs and other crustaceans.

2. Group in front of new dumpster

In terms of garbage disposal we used a little setback caused by cow vandalism to improve our dumpster. The first fence we set up was torn down by village cows that tried to get to eatable remains from the kitchen. Therefore we build a new, more stable fence and also integrated several different sections for plastic, metal, glass and others within it. You find pictures of it below. This is to separate our garbage right away, so when the recycle guys come, they do not need to separate anymore. Also we can send old metal and glass to other institutes that know how to make good use of it. Kitchen leftovers will not go onto that dumpster anymore, though.

So, this is what we have been working on lately. Further projects are on the way. I’ll keep you updated.


1. Working on the fence

P.S.: If Becky from Melbourne happens read this: I’m sorry, I meant to write you but misplaced your e-mail address. Contact me via lucas_6@gmx.de

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