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The following tasks are requested from you:

  • Our first priority of the day is to ensure that the premises in and around the aquarium are clean and make sure the turtles are well fed
  • We go and collect seaweed which is the natural food of Green Turtles breeding in our area
  • Cleaning the tanks of the baby turtles and cheeking for the injured Turtles, then refill the tanks
  • Twice a month we do beach cleanup during the low tides
  • Once every two weeks we do visit the nestling beach . In order to be familiar with our village.
  • To provide tour to the visitor - you will be doing guided tours around the aquarium - you will be offered resources to enable you to do that and a brief course

Note that you are entitled to two days (Saturday and Sunday) off every week



Included in the volunteer internship is accommodation - In our local community, we have our own accommodation with a double bed in each room and proper shower - Please check our photos


We invite you to join us for some local food - three meals per day, including bottled water


Your contribution to volunteer at the Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond covers your costs for room and board, and benefits the project:

  • 1'000 US$ for the first month,
  • 900 US$ for the second month,
  • and 800 US$ per month thereafter.

Transport to and from the airport in Stone Town can be organised upon request at extra 50 US$ each way

Moreover every volunteer is expected to donate 50 US$ to the local community. This contribution is helping various projects to support the local community, among which the local childcare nursery.

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